“I am inspired and encouraged everyday with Jill’s strength and dedication to suicide prevention. After losing a child to suicide many people might shut down mentally and physically but Jill has found another outlet for this emotion. She is a wonderful storyteller and has found a way to discuss the difficult topic of suicide. Please partner with Jill and help her spread the message that every life is precious and suicide is preventable.”

– Rachel Bolenske

“I met Jill Wilson A few years ago when she joined our Toastmasters Club. The interesting thing about Jill is that she found our club on her own. Our new members usually come through invitations from existing members. Jill was looking for a platform that would help her develop her communication skills. The fact that she sought us out shows a desire for self improvement. What she brings to the club is amazing. We’ve gotten to know her through her speeches. She is an extremely caring, passionate person. Her mission in life is suicide awareness. With Jill we have found a special bonus. She has a delightful sense of humor. Jill has grown in confidence and her ability to conduct presentations is fantastic. She writes clever, informative and entertaining material.

Oh, I almost forgot. Jill attends our Toastmasters meeting every Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM

She drives in from a secluded area in the Bull Mountains near Roundup. Talk about a dedicated self starter. I feel blessed to have met her. I consider Jill a valued friend.”

– Frosty Erben GRI/CRS ePro

“Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today. I was reminded and challenged again to look at my job differently. So often we are consumed by the issues that we face when handling the behaviors associated with the youth we serve. You reminded me that, underneath the attitudes and name-calling, there is a kiddo screaming for help. I find myself re-challenged (if that’s even a word) and deeply touched by your experiences. Thank you again for sharing those with us. I don’t think that any of the staff were unaffected by your testimony. You are a strong woman and your story about your precious son is powerful. Thank you!”

– Nicky K.

“Thank you for sharing your life. I know it made an impact. The slap that came at the end of your talk is the only sound in a set of Tai Chi I truly believe it was Kevin saying ‘way to go Mom’.”

“I am more motivated than ever to get more people to the walk and to be educated.”

– Karen Fried

“Watching the video, I was so impressed with Kevin’s friends and how candid they were about his death and what losing him meant. The video was filled with raw emotion as they shared stories and their love for Kevin. By watching this video you witness the pain and suffering suicide brings to those left behind. Please help spread the word that suicide is preventable and every life is precious!”

– Rachel Bolenske

“Jill speaks from the heart with passion, dedication and devotion. Her message is inspiring, thought-provoking and real. You will leave her presentation with the courage and faith to overcome obstacles and challenges in your own life.”

– Suzanne Vaughan, Professional Speaker & Author

“It is with great enthusiasm and warmth that I recommend Jill Wilson as a speaker for your organization. Jill has been an inspiration in my life because of her continuous strength, drive, love and kindness. I can’t imagine facing the world after losing a child to the darkness of suicide, but she does so with determination and a kindred spirit every day.

I met Jill through a Toastmasters Club in Billings, Montana. Toastmasters, if you are not familiar, is an international organization for speaking and leadership. I was assigned as Jill’s mentor, but I believe I ended up learning more from her than she ever did from me. Jill brings a natural talent to the speaking floor with her humor, poise, stories and a slight twinkle of mischief in her eye. She relates to her audience through compassion and shares her knowledge with genuine love from the heart. I encourage you to let Jill share her story and touch your life and the lives of the others the way I have witnessed Jill affect our Toastmasters club. The message that she brings is powerful, and her story is moving.

I whole-heartedly hope that others may never have to endure the tragedy that the Wilson family has faced. Jill is paving the way so that others may find peace within. Her voice may be the connection for another family’s hope. You will laugh, you will cry, and I guarantee you will leave a different person.”

– Kari Phoenix

“I know Jill Wilson as a fellow Board Member of the Rocky Affordable Housing Management Association.

In a previous Board meeting, Jill spoke so eloquently on the subject of suicide, signs to look for, possible actions to take and emotions experienced by those left behind. Jill has a very personal and intimate knowledge of this subject. Her knowledge was presented in a very calm, direct, articulate manner. It was a very poignant, sensitive speech and I feel honored to have been a part of the audience. It was difficult to break the silence when she was finished.

I highly recommend Jill to speak to any and all groups on this topic. It will be a speech the audience will remember.”

– Nancy L. Cuprisin-Rocky AHMA Board Member

“I was so pleased I went to Jill’s seminar on suicide. I hesitated at first only to go and find it was so open and honest and expressed with a touch of softness for such a delicate matter. I was in tears when I left, to realize how so many suffer in silence, but appreciated the updated information.”

– Lorraine Shollenberger

“As the Service Coordinator at Sage Tower, I was very pleased to have Jill Wilson offer to set up a Suicide Awareness Training for our residents, many of them seniors and or disabled in some capacity. Though the subject matter is often very difficult for any of us to process, Jill utilized both a visual presentation of Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) and her own life as a survivor. Those of us who attended the training found it to be extremely informative and helpful to our own lives, due in large part to Jill’s careful presentation of the subject matter. She did an outstanding job of leading us through the presentation and discussion and in such a way that we all felt her sincere passion for the subject. I highly recommend this training as another educational and important component for combating too-high suicide statistics.”

– Marina Graham

“Because of your experience and caring heart you gave me the courage and strength I needed to help my little brother who attempted suicide several times. Each time he attempted suicide you were there for me and my family. I can never repay you for what you have done. The QPR training is another step to help me protect my brother and others. You are the right person to be out there teaching this. Your training and experience will help save lives. THANK YOU for turning your tragedy into determination to help others. The QPR training and your personal experience encourage the rest of us that there is hope, if we apply the QPR. Again thank you for your insightful training and personal experience. You will make a difference and have, thank you for helping me keep my brother alive.”

– Katina Uecker, Regional Property Manager